Woden Precinct - Community Consultation

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In line with the Master Plan aspirations for the Woden Town Centre, Zapari is aiming to transform the site in Phillip (Block 4, 5, and 7 Section 12) into a vibrant mixed-use precinct including residential apartments, double-height ground floor retail spaces, and a boutique hotel.


The building comprises two slender towers of 14 and 16 storeys in height, separated by an internal landscaped atrium. The proposed development is located opposite Westfield Woden, on the western side of the Town Centre with frontages to Melrose Drive (to the west), Corinna Street (to the east), and Brewer Street (to the south). The site is within easy walking distance of the Town Square, with convenient access to the Woden Bus Interchange.

Two development scenarios are proposed for the site that are intended to form separate DA submissions:
Option 1 envisages upgrades to the cul-de-sac to the north, including the rearrangement of the existing parking spaces and the associated landscape works, along with the 14-storey and 16-storey towers on the site.
Option 2 is aiming to integrate a community centre into the precinct which would be partially built on the cul-de-sac site, along with the 14-storey and 16-storey towers on the site. As part of the proposed works for Option 2, an east-west road link is proposed to the north of the site that will unlock great opportunities for the rest of Section 12, including the opportunity to be serviced by a future potential north-south road.

In both of these development scenarios, three levels of basement parking and two levels of well-screened podium parking are incorporated in the building design that will provide for both private and public parking.
A Sky Garden is proposed on the rooftop of the 14-storey building, with panoramic views towards the Town Centre and Black Mountain in the background.

The central atrium with landscape features on level 3 provides an opportunity for the internal faces of the dwellings and hotel rooms to also receive daylight while facilitating cross-ventilation through the dwellings that will provide comfort to building occupants and support the reduction of year-round energy consumption.

Vertical landscape features are proposed for the internal faces of the atrium to improve the air quality and provide visual interest while supporting the privacy of the dwellings and creating an attractive environment for the enjoyment of residents.

In addition to the above, Option 2 also proposes an Active Garden + Amenities on level 3, above the proposed community centre building, that would provide for the amenities of both the residents and hotel occupants.

Zapari are seeking to submit development applications for the proposal in September 2020, and commence development as soon as the relevant approvals are obtained.

To provide any feedback in relation to this upcoming project, you are invited to contact Canberra Town Planning by sending an email to admin@canplan.com.au or by phoning (02) 6262 5091.

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